Thc Wax


Cannabis wax is a type of cannabis concentrate. Concentrates are products derived from cannabis where manufacturers separate the THC from dry herb. The results differ from one product to another.

In terms of wax, the ideal result is a very viscous, oily substance. Its consistency is a lot like maple syrup or honey. More importantly, to wax fans, this product is very potent.

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What is wax made of?

THC wax is also known as “butane hash oil” (BHO) due to its manufacturing process. To create any concentrate, you need to separate the THC from the plant. While butane extraction is not the only method used to make concentrates, it does appear to be the only way people make waxs.

To create wax, chemists apply pressurized butane to a tube or container of tightly-packed cannabis. This leaves behind a solution that forms the basis of THC wax; however, producers need to remove the solvent.

To remove residual chemicals from it, the chemist applies heat to boil away the butane. Using a vacuum device, they can speed up the process by further reducing the boiling point. This also helps preserve terpenes that add flavor and provide additional effects beyond that of straight THC.

Blue Dream Thc Wax For Sale

Blue Dream is a classic California hybrid that balances full-body relaxation . How ever , Patients have report that this flower can bring motivation and focus good for daytime use. Also, as the effect builds, it is known to bring about an ultra-relax body effect .

Moreover , leaving you feeling pain free and total calm. Wax is a tacky and easy to handle concentrate that is very popular for dabbing. just, like Shatter, is a form of Cannabis Oil Concentrate produce by extracting the THC rich cannabinoids from the plant material with Hydrocarbon base solvents. 0.5 grams.




3.5 GRAM


Blue Dream Wax, Carnauba Wax, Grand Daddy Purple Kush Wax, Pure Purple Afghan/ Crystal Ice Wax, White Widow Wax


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