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Express Cannabis Shop: Our products and services

Hello and welcome to Express Cannabis Shop, a place where weed aficionados can hang out and get their needed fix! Today, we’d be talking about how we do so by sharing our products and services. We hope you enjoy them as we have a great deal to offer you.

Weed strains

As one of the most sought-after plants in the world, there are a lot of weed strains created. With various cultures growing their own to fulfil certain flavour and high intensities, there have been countless out in the market! 

Due to this, a lot of people have their ideas of what weed should be like. Seeing this incredible growing number of weed supporters, we made sure that there is a strain available for you. After all, we care about your happiness, so we made sure you get what you want out of our store.


For those who love getting high through smoking, then we have joints available for you! Available in almost every strain of weed, our joints are made from high-quality ingredients and materials for the perfect flavour and high you’re looking for. 

We’ve made these joints by outsourcing marijuana plants from countries that have their strains. In doing so, you have assured a truly authentic experience you’re not going to get in other shops. So if you want to go through an international weed experience, then buy our finely-made joints.

Bongs and other weed paraphernalia 

There are a lot of ways to receive that euphoric high from a marijuana plant. Whether it’s through smoking, eating it or a variety of other ways, know that we have them all for you. From bongs, hand pipes to vape pens, these are all readily available for your use! 

If it’s your first time seeing any of this paraphernalia, you don’t have to worry. This is because buying them gives you a well-illustrated instructional booklet that allows you to better understand how to use them and the accessories they come with.


There’s so much to learn about marijuana! Whether it’s its many uses, the tools needed to use it to news articles about it, you know this information is a must. That’s why we always release a bi-weekly blog and newsletter that allows you to know about everything that’s happening to our favourite green plant. 


Looking to spice up that meal of yours? Then our recipes are perfect for you! With some of your classic favourites like chocolate chip cookies and crispy bacon infused with incredible marijuana applications, you’re up for a great meal with our recipes!

Onsite and offline customer service

Above all things, your trust is the most important asset we have in the shop. That’s why we take great value in our customer service activities! Whether you’re on-site or off, know that you can get some excellent customer service with us.

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