5 ways you can use marijuana in your life

5 ways you can use marijuana in your life

A common plant used around the world, marijuana is a highly powerful piece of nature that gives you a lot of benefits. If this is your first time dealing with the plant, you’re wondering what these benefits are. 

Today at Express Cannabis Shop, we’d be telling you what these are so you can best make the most out of marijuana. 

Helps with depression

In our modern world, depression is one of the biggest things people are suffering from. From the terrible news locally and around the world to terrible things happening in people’s personal lives, we’re living in an age where depression has become more powerful and common.

According to a study by Samir Haj-Dahmane, PhD. of the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions (RIA), this depressive epidemic is caused by chronic stress. As it overtakes a person’s life, their ability to produce endocannabinoids, chemicals in the brain that allow for better control over the mind, is significantly lessened. 

In his study, using marijuana on a safe and healthy basis can encourage the process of endocannabinoids and restore a person’s mental health to normal. So if you’re looking to combat the depression you’re experiencing, take the time to try out some medical-grade marijuana.

Ingredient for food 

For those looking for something more exciting with their meals, marijuana is actually an excellent ingredient! Thanks to its beautifully earthy flavour, bitter taste and calming side effects, having weed as a part of your meal is an excellent way to do so! 

We at Express Cannabis Shop can give you a lot of excellent recipes every Monday! So be sure to keep coming back to make your snacks or dinner more delicious and exciting. 

Combats chronic pains

Are you experiencing intense chronic pains? If so, then a nice use of cannabis can help you out. This works all thanks to the compound within the drug called ‘Cannabinoids’. What this does is, the Cannabinoids’ overall chemical building blocks combat the intense pains you’re currently experiencing. 


Emphasis on getting your ‘mind off of things’, weed allows you to calm down and enjoy feelings of euphoria as the plant’s chemical compounds get through your systems and allow you to take your much-needed break. However, you need to remember, just like everything else, it’s best to use marijuana in healthy amounts to not overdose.

Combats insomnia

If you’re having trouble sleeping, marijuana is a great way to finally get some rest. Whether you’re feeling anxiety, restlessness or having recurring nightmares, you can combat all these by inhaling some marijuana. 

Thanks to the calming effects of certain marijuana strains, you’d be able to feel relaxed and combat the many health issues affecting your sleeping patterns. Once again, be sure to take the right amount to stop yourself from getting addicted.

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