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About Express Cannabis Shop

 About Express Cannabis Shop is a complete growing cannabis resource. Cannabis Shop powers some of the fastest growing cannabis brands in the most competitive marketplaces in the world. We believe it’s crucially important to give new and experienced growers easy access to both basic and advanced growing information. We know that growing your own cannabis gives you the power to get as much top-quality weed as you want, the way you want, and it’s almost free besides the cost of supplies and electricity. For medical marijuana patients, growing may be the only way for them to afford the amount of cannabis needed to get relief.


About Us


Discrete mailing with Tracking # All packages are triple sealed with silicon paper and shipped as discrete packages

About Us


We are online on a 24/7 basis offering presales and after support to all customers via call, email or live chat

about us


100% Quality Guarantee All products are lab-tested and proving 100% quality guarantee to all products


Express Cannabis Shop was founded in 2011 after seeing how difficult it was getting weed online with the dream of bringing the herb and its products closer to weed lovers

We are not some group of stuffy corporate suits writing about things they know nothing about. We’re really just like you! We live normal life’s, friends, and families, and also happen to enjoy marijuana and want to share that enjoyment with our readers. but just because of our simple passion for the subject matter and our desire to let you guys know about the best companies, deals, equipment, and strains available out there!

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MISSION: To be the ultimate patient experience, providing members with quality medicine and great service in a safe and friendly environment.


CORE VAUES: Our core values guide every aspect of interaction with patients, providers, staff, and the community. These core values are service, responsibility, quality, commitment, and compassion.


RESPONSIBILITY: We are responsible members of the community. We have an extensive security program to protect patients and the surrounding community. Our attention to detail in procuring, handling and dispensing medicine assures safe medicines are always available to our patents.